New stuff and more……

The fall seems to be my busiest time of the year for me as a chef and for leatherwork.Even with a hectic schedule i still manage to keep working on new stuff.New color mud flap “honey pooh bear” which matches the brooks saddle which gives me 4 colors to match your saddle,honey,black,brown,and dark red.Next i have leather washers available next week in a few colors creme,brown,black,dark green,and honey.Laced top tube covers are also in the works,laced chainstay cover,extracycle goods and more.Stay tuned for pics..

New Stuff !!! New Stuff!!

So i picked up this Univega from Recycled Cycles for dirt cheap a while back and built it up as my city/utility cruiser.It also works as a way to display my work while in transit. Right now im workin on a few new projects for spring release.Here’s a few sneek peek pics of whats in store;Image Lace grips,min top tube protector,and the growler carrier. Really feeling great about how my business is coming along.Now i just need to work smarter not harder. Yeah I can’t put the knives down yet!ImageImageImage

Photo shoot

Doing a series of photo shoots with my friends.Yesterday was shoot number one with Andy Bokanev providing the skills.Shots came out great!thanks toJason,Joe, and Chris for coming out.Had a great time riding and hangin with friends Good lookin Andy on the shoot!Number 2 next weekend!AndyBokanev_TLeatherworks 2101 AndyBokanev_TLeatherworks 1986 AndyBokanev_TLeatherworks 2161

What’s new?

Well what do i have for a new batch of goodies?First off i want to introduce to you the “Olmstead” growler carrier.A two in one carrier that hold most 64 ouncers can be installed to your saddle or to your front bar with a light mount also.Still product testing right now but debuts in three weeks. Gettin alot of people craving it. Besides that there are the hub shiners with reflectors,spoke cards, key fobs  leather beer cozies with belt loop attachment as well as a tall can version and more!My lil business is definitely on the up and up and growing fast!

Here are some photos:ImageImage

“One who drinks deserves a proper vessel to house it.”-T Leatherworks

Hittin the stores!

So finally everything is up and running.Now im hittin every bike shop in seattle to carry.Stopped by a new shop located on the burke gilman trail in fremont called Red Rooster Bicycles.Reynaldo the store owner has just opened carrying a few products and providing budget tuneups and more.Thanks Reynaldo for supporting local made product!

Another hiccup………

Well i thought everything was going as planned  but now i have a hiccup.The packaging was wrong and the company  withe clicker press that die cuts my design is down indefinately.So that puts me down for about two weeks.Luckily i found another company that die cuts and found a bag company in woodinville.gonna head there tomorrow and get it figured out.The good thing is that i do have some product at my house and i have been stocking up on other items i can make at my house.Looking at november 1st as the release date.I apologize to everyone about this and looking to a positive fall.Cheers for now!